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Unique Beauty

As you look at the pieces on the web, please remember it is not possible to show the depth and vibrancy of the colors on the website. Nor is it possible for you to feel the warm wood and the smooth surfaces of these carvings.

Each Father Christmas is signed and dated on the bottom. The name chosen by the Bolingers is also written there along with the location where the piece was finished.  


Collectors are often not satisfied with owning just one example of their chosen collectible. This is especially true of those who collect “Santas”. The Bolingers have met many collectors in their years creating masterpieces; some collections are larger than 5000 individual Christmas items. Invariably when such collectors finally discover the Bolinger Father Christmas carvings, they are enthralled. Such warm, solid, beautiful and unique treasures are rare indeed.  

Individually Priced

These heirloom examples of wood carved art are priced individually at the time they are completed. The time-consuming nature of the creation of these treasures means they are very limited in quantity. In the nearly 40 years of carving, Paul has produced fewer than 1000 of these Father Christmas masterpieces. As examples of very rare art, they are still being created to be available to those who would want such an heirloom for their family.  

Pricing for 12" Carvings

These are the most practical sized carvings. They are all around $500 depending on the amount of detail on the carving.

14" to 20"

These carvings are different sizes from 14" to 20" or so. They have hands and added carved items to make them even more individual. The prices are from $1000 to $2500.

Pricing for 24" Carving

These carvings make a statement with their size and impact. They are priced from $3000 to $3800.