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Aged oak wine barrels, no longer able to play their part in wine making, have become unique desirable art objects under the workmanship of Paul F. and Camille Bolinger. Whether adorned with a traditional theme or something more whimsical, the hand-carved and painted quarter barrels are each a one-of-a-kind creation that will add a very personal touch to your wine cellar or tasting room.

This couple are far from beginners in the woodcarving world. For years collectors prized the Heirloom Santas Paul carved and Camille painted. They also designed seasonal figurines that were reproduced and distributed around the U.S. The Bolingers also authored five books for woodcarvers providing inspiration and knowledge to other carvers and artists. Paul was twice named one of the top 100 traditional American craftsmen by Early American Life magazine.

Since their move from the West Coast to the East Coast the Bolingers have been busy finding a house and creating the home they wanted. The addition of a wine cellar with a tasting room at its entrance and the establishment of their carving studio have made it the perfect place for them to rekindle their craftsmanship in a unique way.

Each barrel was used to age wine and then, before being discarded, the ends were
cut off. Each stave of the barrel and each slat in the barrel head has its own characteristic. Some are tough and resist the chisels while others are soft and buttery. Taken as a whole they make a wonderful aged object perfectly enhanced by the carving and painting.

Explore our site and look at the barrels we have recently completed and the ones in-progress.


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